Monday, September 9, 2013

Thank God for Leftovers

Vegan MOFO Day 9

     Many of my friends don't eat leftovers. They just don't like them the next day. Crazy I know! So many dishes taste better the next day when the flavors really meld. Oh, and lets not forget those days where nothing seems to go right and you end up in a rut at dinner time. Leftovers to the rescue!! Today was one of those days. 
     Our fur kid had his teeth cleaning done a while back and ever since then we have wondered about how his teeth are so flat, well his canines, all four of them. Today we took him to another dentist for a second opinion and our fears were substantiated. It appears as if the dentist took it upon herself to file down his canines. It was suggested that it was because he plays ball and their teeth can wear down so that is what we thought. This new vet said, no, these were filed down. They are perfectly flat. If is was caused by playing ball his front teeth would be worn down too, but it is just his 4 canines. Now this is even more disheartening because he is our guard dog and what is a guard dog without sharp teeth. I filed a complaint and we have to take our kid back to the old vet so they can see the issue. They swear that it is not their doing and there has to be another issue as to why they look like this.

     Perfectly flat canines.    
     Anyway who wants to cook or do anything after knowing that there child has been hurt. I am so mad right now. There is nothing that can be done, they don't grow back, so with that said I need to just do some deep breathing and be thankful we found a new vet that is awesome. With that long story out of the way dinner needs to be served and it was leftover tacos.

Last nights leftover Creamy Risotto Spanish Rice with black beans, corn, and fresh tomato on Corn tortillas. 

They were soooooooo good!!!

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  1. Oh my word! I'm certainly no vet but I can't imagine that teeth could possibly wear that evenly. I would be furious too!