Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Vegan MOFO Day 11

     Sorry I was MIA yesterday. One thing after another happened this week. First we find out for sure that our dog's teeth were damaged by the vet. Which was confirmed by pictures of our little boy 4 months before the dental visit showing all his teeth in perfect order. Second my Google account gets hacked and there is no way to get back on my blog nor email. It even affected my tablet. Thirdly I am anxiously awaiting my package from Amazon only to receive it and find that it is destroyed.  My sweet husband sees all the tears I am shedding and takes me for a treat. Sadly, the treat turned into just one more let down. We get to the frozen yogurt place that has 8 machines, 16 flavors of delicious goodness for those who consume dairy and one for vegans. Sure enough, guess which one they are cleaning in the middle of the day? Yeah, the vegan flavor machine. Can you say disappointment any louder? I wanted to just look at the guy and start crying, Of course I didn't want to completely embarrass my sweetheart so I just sat calmly while he fixed his bowl of goodness. As soon as  we got to the truck the flood gates opened up. Yes, yes, I know and I will be the first to admit that I am very sensitive and have been known to cry over spilled soy milk. I had just had enough!! So as far as a food picture or wonderful recipe I give you a big thank you for hanging in with me this far!!!

My package from Amazon. That is sticky molasses powder that is all over, under, and in my new cookbooks!

Thank you Amazon for being such a great company to send me out new books in just 3 days!
And the speedy refund for the molasses powder.

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