Friday, September 6, 2013

The Search for the "Oh to die for " Vegan Ranch Dressing

Vegan MOFO Day 6

     One of my vices back in the day when I ate a SAD diet, was Ranch Dressing. I have tried many vegan ones over the years, but they are either way to high in fat, have that tofu after taste, or are just gross. I can't tell you how many bottles of vegan dressings I have bought hoping to find a dressing that I would enjoy. I finally gave up and just mixed organic ketchup (can't stand regular ketchup), with a tiny bit of veganaise and called it quick thousand island.  But through the years of reading, listening, and watching so many great doctors and nutritionists, I knew I had to ditch the veganaise in search for a new delicious dressing. Now every time a new recipe for a plant based ranch dressing pops up in  cyberspace I try it. Sadly many of them are using veganaise, tofu, or other added fats. As delicious as many of them are, they just aren't hitting my "Oh to die for spot or my lifestyle right now.

     I found a new one this week while I was surfing through the many blogs and decided it was time to try another one. So after making 3 different Ranch Dressing recipes today so hubby and I could do the taste test comparing and with just a tiny tweak we believe that we have found the one. Since my hubby is an omnivore and uses the real Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing he has a better palate to compare them with. I do hope that if you are out there in search of that perfect Ranch Dressing like me I hope you will find one of these that ends your search and sends you to the "Oh to die for spot".  I have posted the recipes and photos from each of their websites. My photos all looked the same and were not nearly as stunning and beautiful. After all, we do eat with our eyes first.

     The first one is from Somer at Vedged Out. I have been making this one for quite a long time and has been my go to dressing. My best friend who is an omni fell in love with it and has been making it for the past few months too. Hubby feels it is a tiny bland for him so it is not his favorite.

 This one is lower in fat since it uses less cashews and has the added benefit of chia seeds. It does contain miso paste, but I don't mind that. I love miso. 
To find the recipe head over to Somer's site. Chia Miso Cashew Ranch Dressing here.

      I just found this one today and with a bit of tweaking this will hit the "Oh to die" for spot. Even hubby chose this one hands down.  This one if from Elena at Just to give a shout out to Elena, her web page is packed full of recipes with stunning photography and information.  Check  it out along with her  Facebook page Vegalicious. She also has the most beautiful baby girl. Hubby and I think that there is one seasoning that is just a bit to much for out taste, so next time we make it we will cut back on the all purpose seasoning. There are many all purpose seasonings out there, but I used the same one Elena used, which we find to be a strong seasoning so that is why I am cutting it back in my next batch. adding 1 teaspoon at a time until we find the taste we want, also I am going to definitely use 2 small garlic cloves or try the garlic powder. My cloves were really big and the raw garlic taste was kinda strong.


  1. I've just discovered Franks hot sauce in Australia and having been loving buffalo tofu lately. I've tried a few different recipes for ranch dressing to pair with the tofu but haven't found a favourite yet so thanks for this post - I'll have to try some of these recipes out.

  2. Love the passage in Daniel that reminds us how great we can function when we feed our bodies good food :-)