Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good bye Georgette

     I am supposed to be posting something yummy and food related, but after today I just can't think of any thing to post unless it a picture of the corn on the cob I had for dinner. A very sad day. We lost Georgette. I know if may seem simple to most, but my animals are part of the family. She was a good girl and we will miss her. I am not sure how Roxy and Bawk Bawk will do. Tomorrow we dig yet another hole and say good bye.

Georgette on the left. Good by my sweet girl

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  1. Much love and light to you and yours. I was sad to finally have a chance to stop by and check in and read of Georgette's passing.

    Chickens are such amazing creatures with the most fascinating personalities. I'm sure you will miss her, but it's beautiful to see how well loved she was (is).

    Hopefully time (and time with your other cluckers who will likely appreciate more of you right now) will help you heal and she'll be right there in the kitchen, egging you on to more yummy stuff. Yes, that was a horrible pun. But hopefully it made you smile.